Too often, seniors in Ontario have limited access to services that are essential for a proper quality of life. In the past three years, many shocking stories about long-term care homes devastated by COVID-19 came to light and revealed how low the level of care is in some of these homes.

Our seniors deserve better, and Doly will continue to fight and ensure that the health and wellbeing of the elderly are prioritized. 

Doly and the ONDP have a plan to: 

  • Overhaul home care to help people live at home longer
  • Make all long-term care public and not-for-profit
  • Build small, modern, family-like homes in all parts of the province
  • Staff up with full-time, well-paid, well-trained caregivers
  • Make family caregivers partners, not just visitors
  • Create affirming care that is culturally responsive and inclusive
  • Clear the wait list so nobody has to wait years for a bed, and even longer for a culturally appropriate home.
  • Guarantee new and stronger protections, including comprehensive inspections and a Seniors’ Advocate

Our seniors deserve to live with dignity.

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