For too long, Scarborough has been left behind when it comes to healthcare funding. The people of Scarborough, many of them immigrants to Canada, work hard, contribute to our economy and pay their taxes. Home to many essential workers, Scarborough has borne much of the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic and yet never received funding that would account for our increasing population and growing complexity of care. 

Doly and the ONDP  have a plan to:

  • Implement Universal Pharmacare, to ensure that all Ontarians would be able to access the prescriptions they need
  • Increase hospital funding by 5.3%, so all hospitals are able to receive the adequate support necessary for the needs of the patients
  • Clear the backlog of surgeries
  • Hire more nurses 
  • Construct more hospitals and expand existing ones, including new hospital beds in Scarborough
  • Make mental health care a part of our universal healthcare system 

Healthcare is a human right, and no funding barrier should prevent Scarborough citizens from having access to it.


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