Public Transit that Works for Scarborough



Public transportation is a necessity for many of our communities in Scarborough who need to go to work, school, or run daily errands. Many commuters are also front line workers, who work in the healthcare settings, grocery stores, and other essential services. It is only fair that we have access to transportation that is frequent, reliable, and safe. It is clear that Scarborough transit systems have been faced with decades of negligence.

Doly has been a strong advocate for investing in more frequent and accessible transit for residents of Scarborough including more local bus stops in each neighbourhood, accessible subway stations, and more funding for operation to improve the service for mobility within and outside of Scarborough. 

Doly has also been instrumental in helping TTC employees including local operators to get vaccines in an easy and convenient way during the pandemic to ensure they were protected. 

With the Ontario NDP, Doly will continue to fight for more investment in operating funding, committing to the Canadian manufacture of transit vehicles to help economic growth in our province and create more jobs. 

Doly and the NDP have a plan to:

  • Electrify all municipal transit fleets by 2040
  • Increase provincial transit funding to municipalities 
  • Work with the city to ensure routes have more frequent stops in local neighbourhoods 
  • Ensure accessibility funding for subway stations 

We need safe, effective and reliable public transit that works for Scarborough. 

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