A Real Plan to Protect our Environment

Scarborough Southwest is a home to unique green spaces, mature canopy trees, wildlife, migratory and resident birds and the beautiful Bluffs that many come to enjoy from all over the city. Local residents truly care for the environment and work hard to protect the treasures of our neighborhoods. 

Local residents also feel that the climate crisis is the defining issue of our time and raise valid concerns about green energy, buildings and transit, cap and trade, zero emission vehicles, sustainable development, greenbelt and watershed protection and more.

Doly believes that all climate action starts at the local level. That’s why she launched the Scarborough Southwest Environmental Group to address the challenges that the climate crisis has brought forth in our community. The group focuses efforts on protecting local green spaces, sustainable building projects, revitalizing native plants, addressing invasive species and transitioning from fossil fuels to green energy. Doly has an active commitment to make sure that our environment is protected for the generations to come and this will require concrete efforts to tackle climate change. 

A healthy and prosperous future for all Ontarians is worth the investment. Simply put, the cost of inaction when it comes to the climate crisis will be far higher than the investments we must make now to secure a safer, more prosperous future. We don’t have time to wait. Doly and the ONDP remain committed to implementing proactive, climate-safe actions that will protect the environment:

  • Bring Ontario to net-zero emissions
  • Change how we move: Transform transportation
  • Change how we build: Retrofit program
  • Guaranteed green jobs
  • Transition our electricity supply
  • Protect our water and green spaces
  • Cut down waste
  • Foster climate change resilience

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