Affordable Housing for All

Access to housing became critical over the last few years as we watched rent and home prices skyrocket. In fact, it is the largest expense that families across Scarborough Southwest have to bear.  Young families, new immigrants, and the next generation can no longer afford to own their first homes or build a life in our neighbourhoods.

People in our community are faced with unprecedented increases in mortgage, lack of regulations, unfair practices from corporate landlords, and more.. Owning or renting a home now takes up almost half of a family’s household income.

Vulnerable communities across Scarborough Southwest and Ontario have been left behind as the social housing lists continue to grow, while people wait decades to find a safe and stable home for their families.

Ontarians deserve an affordable and accessible place to call home. They deserve to be able to build a life in this province without being priced out of their communities due to skyrocketing housing prices and housing speculation.

Doly knows what our communities need. She knows that the young family looking to buy their first home in Scarborough Southwest can no longer be left behind because of speculators and unprecedented housing prices. She knows that renters in our neighbourhoods deserve better than being taken advantage of by big corporate landlords. She knows that small landlords and homeowners in our communities need regulations that protect them. This is why, Doly and the Ontario NDP are fighting to:  

  • Offer a first time buyers a down payment loan
  • Makeit easier for homeowners to reconfigure their properties to create more rental units.
  • Offer a shared equity loan of up to 10 percent (income tested) for first time buyers to use for their down payment
  • Repairing Ontario’s social housing stock and committing to building new affordable homes
  • Reinstate equitable rent controls for all
  • Protect tenants from wrongful evictions
  • Ensure that Landlord and Tenant Board operates fairly
  • Encourage the development of the construction of “missing middle,” housing such as duplex expand townhouses for more affordability
  • Crack down on speculators, both resident and non resident to make housing more affordable

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