Affordable Childcare


Parents deserve to have access to the highest quality education and care for their little ones, without having to worry about whether they have enough money to pay for it or if they will even get a spot.

During her first term Doly has served as the critic of Child Care and Early Learning in the Ontario Legislature and fought tirelessly for quality and affordable child care. After listening to parents and early childhood educators across Ontario Doly proposed Bill 45: Child Care and Early Years Amendment Act, which called for the Government to invest in not-for-profit child care. Doly also joined child care advocates to successfully keep the Wage Enhancement Grant of $2 per hour for Early Childhood Educators that the government wanted to cut. 

Doly and the Ontario NDP will take steps to ensure that child care needs are adequately addressed and met including a commitment to work with the federal government to get child care down to $10-per-day as soon as possible, expand the number of high-quality, public and non-profit child care spaces, and make sure child care jobs actually pay the bills.

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